I've moved. . . .

It's official. . . I'm switching over to Wordpress.  You can find all of my awesome photos and witty banter here:  http://likeabrokenumbrella.wordpress.com/


Une tasse de cafe

There's nothing like a little old world charm while enjoying a cup of coffee and a bite of tiramisu (in a cold shop) on a hot summer afternoon.


You Capture - Play

What you see before you is hours of play in the making. That, my friends, is my new Toddy. It is busily brewing away a pound of coffee. . . turning it into concentrated caffeine, play inducing heaven.

To see more pictures of play in the works. . . check out You Capture!



I was walking through my bedroom over the weekend, and noticed the sun shining just so on this piece of baseboard, and it hit me all over again.  I have a house!  With baseboards!  It's such a happy, content feeling, so I spent some time walking around taking photos of home, and thinking about how peaceful it all is.

Quilts drying on the line outside. . .

A plant enjoying some sun. . .

Sandwich fixings on the kitchen counter. . .

And the baseboard. . . in the house. . .  our house. . .


Black and White

For more Black and White Photography, check out You Capture at: