Une tasse de cafe

There's nothing like a little old world charm while enjoying a cup of coffee and a bite of tiramisu (in a cold shop) on a hot summer afternoon.


You Capture - Play

What you see before you is hours of play in the making. That, my friends, is my new Toddy. It is busily brewing away a pound of coffee. . . turning it into concentrated caffeine, play inducing heaven.

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I was walking through my bedroom over the weekend, and noticed the sun shining just so on this piece of baseboard, and it hit me all over again.  I have a house!  With baseboards!  It's such a happy, content feeling, so I spent some time walking around taking photos of home, and thinking about how peaceful it all is.

Quilts drying on the line outside. . .

A plant enjoying some sun. . .

Sandwich fixings on the kitchen counter. . .

And the baseboard. . . in the house. . .  our house. . .


Black and White

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Because working 8 hours isn't enough. . .

There's nothing like going to work for 8 hours and then deciding to go home and whip up a batch of pepper jelly.  The things that we do for family. . .

Pepper Jelly

1 bell pepper, chopped fine
4 decent sized jalepenos, chopped fine (about 1/3 c.)
1 1/2 c. apple cider vinegar
6 c. sugar
6 oz. Certo (or other brand) liquid pectin

Place peppers in a large pot with vinegar and sugar.  Bring the mixture to a boil.  Remove from heat and add the pectin.  Spoon into 1/2 pint jars.  The recipe should make between 6 & 7 jars (i.e. enough to share, if you have to).  And, always remember to sterilize your jars properly!  Safety first.


Silence is Golden

Proof that for at least five seconds, everything was quiet, and everyone was happy.


Vehicles. . . Whew!

For a little while, I wasn't sure that I could actually take a worthwhile photo of vehicles.  How. . . uninspiring to me. . .  I thought that I had missed my only chance when I drove past an old, parked tow truck designed to look like Mater from Disney's animation, Cars.  (Trust me, the only reason I skipped out on that photo was because it was 110 degrees outside, and I was dressed and on the way to my brother's wedding.) 

But then, life happened, and I kept my eyes open, and I finally got them!

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Happy (Belated) Fourth of July

America. . . and the American Dream

The Dream:

The Dream fulfilled:

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Old Quilting Buddies

For last week's You Capture theme, Down Low, I took a picture of the treadle on Granny's sewing machine. . . this week, the theme is chairs, and as I'm still obsessed with quilting, and family, and traditions, I decided to post this picture. The chair is an old cowhide chair that's been in the family for eons. And, the cushion on the chair is one that my Maw-Maw quilted. I inherited it when she and Paw-Paw moved into the nursing home this year. They don't have any now, but when I was growing up, every chair in her house was covered with a quilted cushion very similar to this. It gives me the warm fuzzies every time that I see it.